Sixteen: Alejandro

Saw Alejandro Escovedo play last night. Missed the first few songs.He was great, he rocked. Spent a lot of time playing directly to a group of three young woman in front of the stage. A very drunk woman near us abandoned her boyfriend, went backstage and hooked up with the bouncer, then came back a few minutes later. 

For his encore, Alejandro played four straight cover songs. I’m not going to get the order correct, but it was a Warren Zevon song, a Velvet Underground song, David Bowie’s “All the Young Dudes” (is that the actual name of it?), and “Beast of Burden.” After playing the Zevon song, he said something about how, as a songwriter, he sometimes felt compelled to play songs by other, greater songwriters to show himself how far he had to go. At least, that was the gist. Then he said, as if remembering he was supposed to be a rocker (“I’m on drugs!”), “OK, enough of that classroom bullshit.” And then he rocked again.


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