Third Post

So, this blog is off to a bit of a slow start. The reason why, I have realized, is that I don’t exactly read a book a day. I don’t get out to a performing arts event on even a weekly basis. I don’t watch that many movies. And these are things I planned to write about, or at least I plan to write about the things that these things make me think about.

But that’s OK. Maybe having this blog will force me to read more, go see more, watch more.

Or I could just write about Friday Night Lights and Las Vegas.

No, I won’t. At least, not yet.

(So, still reading Dave Eggers’s What Is the What. Watched a good bit of Dog Day Afternoon before falling asleep while Al Pacino was talking on the phone to his “wife,” who is a guy and is also not the woman he is married to. But I’ll pick up later, finish the movie, then come back here to write. Probably.)


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