Second Post

OK, so that first post was a bit of a lark. This one’s a little more down to business. (If I was a real blogger, I would have written “bidness,” because real bloggers like to make up words. That’s how they roll.)

I started this blog to chronicle one man’s adventures in cultural America. If that sounds a little high-falutin’, well, that’s because it is.

This site won’t contain book reviews and such. Rather, the idea is to write about what a book or a movie or an album made me think about, in hopes that might lead to something, someday.

First up: Went to see Dave Eggers speak on Saturday night. When I read his first book, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, I became angry. He wrote like I thought I wanted to write, full of swagger and style. And he beat me to it.

Now, after hearing him speak about writing it, I’m reading What Is the What, his newest. I’m liking it. But still.

He talked a little about his process for writing the book. First, he spent a weekend interviewing Valentino, the book’s subject. He got as much on tape as he could, then he started to figure out what to do with it. Decided to write a book, gave himself a year. Took four. I can do something like that, and I know who to interview.

See? This blog is working already.

Although I do hope the posts get better. I trust they will.


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